Basic Functionality

3 Mode of Site Operation
PG Portal software has 3 mode of site operation:
— City Portal. This mode allows to create a site for a certain city, region or country; and to offer its citizens lots of services in one place: jobs, real estate, learning, networking, friends search, entertainment and much more! This mode implies that there will be a main page from where your users will go to a special portal section they are interested in.
— Professional/Business Portal. This mode allows to create a portal with multiple interesting and convenient services for people united by a certain feature: profession, place of work, interests etc. For example, a site of some association, business community, corporate portal. This portal mode (like the previous one) sets the main page from where your users can go to a special portal page they are interested in.
— Integrated Mode. This mode might be interesting for those who want to unite several sites of different topics, such as Job Site, Real Estate Site, Learning Site and Social Networking Site. This mode will suit companies with several branches in business. With the help of Integrated Mode users will get a useful tool of moving from site to site and a possibility to register at once for all the sections.
Choose a mode which suits you best!

Portal Sections
Portal Sections Full Package portal, based on PG Portal Pro software, includes the following sections:
— Job Section - a valid job search and recruitment site. The functions list can be viewed here.
— Real Estate Section is a feature-rich realty site. The functions list is here.
— Community Section is a valuable social networking site with great communicating and searching friends possibilities. View the functions list here.
— Education Section is a valid distance learning site. Its functions are listed here.

One-time registration
Once signed up in any portal section users are automatically registered in all portal sections and get access to their profile and all portal services.

Top drop-down menu panel
Top drop-down menu panel is provided for quick switch between the portal sections.

How to benefit from using our portal site
Every portal section is a ready to use site with its own features for specific realm, it includes a plenty of monetization tools to let you increase your income.

Multilanguage Interface
2 languages available now: English and Russian. Language files are easily editable from the administration panel.

Site News, RSS Feeds
There is a special section for posting different news on the site. Administrator can add news or add some RSS Feeds to load news from other Internet resources.

Site Administration

You can manage your Web Portal in admin panel.

Choosing and changing of site mode
Site mode choice happens when installing the site: City or Professional portal mode or Integrated mode. It's easy to change a mode "City Portal" into mode Professional/Business Portal with the help of a special section in administration panel. When choosing Integrated mode, to change it into another 2 modes, you have to backup your database and move it when installing software once again. We can offer your a service of database transfer upon request. Just contact us!

Admin panel in City or Professional/Business portal
Admin panel contains the following sections:
— Site Settings Management. This section allows you to manage administrator info, mode of site operation (City or Professional/Business portal) and other general settings such as date format, weather and currency informers.
— Content Management. This section allows to manage site news display, info pages (add, edit, delete, publish or not) and language files.
— Sections admin panels. You can manage every portal module from a separate admin panel.
You can switch between the modules.

Admin panel in Integrated Mode
You can manage each portal module (Job, Real Estate, Community, Education) from a separate admin panel. There are links to proceed to other modules' admin panels in the admin panel of each module.


3 Sections of PG Web Portal Pro has own additional modules. Check all list of modules!

Real Estate Section Modules
Real Estate Section Modules includes:
— RE SMS Notifications Module
— RE Mortgage Module
— RE Advertising Campaign Module
— RE Newsletter Module
View full description of Real Estate Section Modules here.

Job Section Modules
Job Section Modules includes:
— JS Advertising Campaign Module
— JS Newsletter Module
— JS Poll Module
View full description of Job Section Modules here.

Community Section Modules
Community Section Modules includes:
— CP Classifieds Module
— CP SMS Payment Module
— CP Web Communicator Application
— CP Newsletter module
— CP Affiliate module
View full description of Community Section Modules here.


Installation wizard
The software is developed so that you'll enjoy installing it and its modules. It's easy to run installation portal script in your browser and then insert the database information to finish up the installation.

No monthly or annual fees
You will receive the product updates free of charge during 12 months after your order. After that you will be able to prolong the license if you want or continue using the products without any additional fees. If you need some additional features in your script, feel free to ask us. We will try to do our best and add the needed functionality.

100% free technical support
Free technical support is provided during 12 months after your order. You'll get all necessary advice and instructions. Our support team is trained to help you with your questions on portal software usage, management and installation. Becoming our client you get your own support manager to track your site from the very beginning and to deal with all your requests. You get free technical help and advice any time you come to us.

100% free installation
Software can be installed at your server by our professional Support Team. If you wish you can install the software yourself.

Installation instructions and user manuals
Manuals are available in the section Manuals.

Regular Updates/Upgrades Guarantee
We are constantly working on our script's improvements enriching it with new features and functionality to keep our customers ahead of their competitors. We are always glad to receive your wants, ideas and suggestions. We have a dedicated team working on their realization.

Customization services
Open source version available. The product can be easily customized and new features added. Just request a quote for your customization requirements for any of our products advanced features.

Hosting Service
You can host your Site at our server. We provide highly professional support and acceptable hosting plans for reasonable prices. Please contact our Support Team if you decide to host with us.

Domains, SSL certificates, Promotion services
Domains, SSL certificates, Promotion services and other useful tools for your business are available at our partner web-site provided by GoDaddy (domains market leader).
100% FREE technical support of domains, SSL certificates, Promotion services etc. is provided by our partner GoDaddy. We do our best to offer all you need in one place!

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